The 6C’s of Capital


Jan 31 2020


11:30 am - 1:30 pm



The 6C’s of Capital

Capital can be money, equipment, ideas, talent, a number of things.  For a business, capital is like blood to our bodies. Without it, our business, dreams, and aspirations will die.  Too many dreams and businesses are floundering on the edge of failure and even dying due to a chronic lack of access to capital.  Although you may have heard of the 5 C’s of Capital, in this power lunch you will learn the 6th C of capital. It trumps all other forms.

From profound author and award-winning CPA, Eric January, the results-oriented CEO of Conduit Advisors, LLC and Conduit Funding, Inc who has successfully worked with individuals and businesses to acquire the capital they need to accomplish their goals for nearly 30 years

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