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At Conduit U, you will learn to correctly master the basics of
Risk Management, Investing, and Valuation

“Go to college, get a good education so that you can get a good job.”  That has never been the recipe to creating multi-generational wealth.  Rags to riches success stories do something else.  First generation wealthy people share one common attribute: They do what works when capitalizing on opportunities.

At Conduit U: we teach what works with money and investing for a fraction of the $50k cost many people pay for learning how to flip houses or trade stocks.  If you do what we teach long enough, you’ll get rich if you aren’t and get richer if you are.

Learn how you want–in class, on your own with our books or with paid advice.  Use your time to learn what consistently makes money.  Register for classes now and receive a discount.

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