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Our commitment to doing what works is what allows us to offer fresh perspectives and unparalleled insights in the following areas:   

Unregulated independent advice  

Maybe you’ve seen our founder’s YouTube videos.  What they personify is our culture.  On the one hand, we are financial professionals, and on the other we are radical about doing what works for you.  This means at Conduit we don’t make investment recommendations that are based on your net worth as conventional financial advisors do.  For example, if your net worth is less than $1 million, we will not just refer you to retail investments; if it’s $1 million or more, we can recommend what works best for you.  

We only offer advice and investments that work.  We don’t make or accept excuses for unacceptable returns on investment, therefore: 

  • We don’t care about earnings per share, PE ratios, EBITDA, and other meaningless financial statistics.  
  • We don’t buy into the belief it is best for the business to hoard cash for “growth and acquisition purposes” when the owners need the income to establish their own empire.  
  • We do not limit our advice or investments to the 3,671 publicly traded business when there are millions of alternative investments in the US alone that can provide higher returns on investment with less risk.  

Whether a potential investment is private or publicly-traded, we are focused on providing advice and investments that work.TM  For many conventional thinking investment advisors, what we articulated is radical nonsense; however, unless you want to be concerned about going broke during retirement, you need Conduit Investment Advisors on your team. 

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