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Money Management Training

At Conduit U, you will learn to correctly master the basics of
Risk Management, Investing, and Valuation

Everyone can benefit from learning sound money management skills, even those who have had success in other areas. The upper and middle classes are paying thousands to learn from the “experts” on flipping houses, trading stocks, options, etc. Even the President of the United States had Trump University to feed the insatiable demand for learning what isn’t taught in school or at home.

The problem is that many of the risk management, investing and valuation principles reiterated in a proliferation of training, courses and seminars are the culprits causing widespread failure and investor insecurity.

The good news is that there are principles that work, physics principles. Using physics to hone his rationale has allowed our founder to think outside of the financial box and successfully predict problems in banking, portfolios, trade, taxation, valuation techniques, the housing and stock markets and more for over a decade. When you are right that often, it is not just a coincidence. The Einstein of Finance is on to something, and he shares that knowledge with you through his Gainology book series, which is the core curriculum at Conduit U

These insightful money management principles will guide you to the peace and economic security you deserve no matter your level of income. Invest in yourself! To schedule an in-house training for your employees or to attend one of our events open to the public, contact us.

"You are a Ball®" or "You are Square®," which respectively means that your portfolio has the probability to lose or make money,

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Ball or Square?