The Money Clinic

Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Does the stock market or the threat of it collapsing frighten you? Is something about your money or financial position hard to digest? Does reviewing your brokerage statement or what’s happening to the economy make you nauseous?  What can I do to improve my credit score? Will I ever be able to retire? Why are financial products so confusing? If you answered yes to any one of the previous questions, you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of being overdue for an intensive check-up from the neck up at the Money Clinic. 

This webinar shares what you need know:

  • How to identify investments that are bad for your health  
  • How to prevent and stop cash hemorrhages 
  • How to improve your credit’s good cholesterol  
  • Economic health tips 
  • And much more.

Stop listening to conventional financial advice!  For your own economic health and to avoid premature financial death get treated at the next Conduit Money Clinic.  Register now for this webinar.

Eric O. January
Webinar Host

"You are a Ball®" or "You are Square®," which respectively means that your portfolio has the probability to lose or make money,

Investor's Questioner

Ball or Square?