Gainology Series Press Release

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April 21, 2020

Gainology Series Press Release 

After 231 years, the wait is finally over.  The answer to Voltaire’s question has been finally answered. Voltaire, a leading thinker during the Enlightenment, is one of the people that Benjamin Franklin hung out with before the American Revolution.  His question was, “What if the same analysis used in science by Newton could be used to reveal the role of money or vanity or other hidden forces in the political world as well?”

In three revelatory, easy-to-read books, Eric January, a CPA with over two decades of results-oriented consulting, investment advisory and business experience, shares information that is capable of releasing humanity’s wealth- and income-generating power. 

Eric’s first book published in 2005 predicted the banking crisis and the backlash against globalization, suggested tax reform, and so much more.  Where Isaac Newton was unsuccessful at turning cheap base metals into gold and silver, Eric has learned to use Newton’s laws of motion and physics principles in general to help people turn paper assets into golden investments.  This is economic alchemy at its best. 

  • Gainology Book I: Get What No One Gives: Economic Momentum – explains everything you need to know about investing, speculating, lending and the government from the perspective of being a proton, neutron and electron. 
  • Gainology Book II: The Conduit Formula: The Secret to Making Money While You Sleep – explains the five investment vehicles (they are not stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and how to value them based on the laws of motion using an equation the author created. 
  • Gainology Book III: Managing Risk: How to End Investment Volatility – accurately explains risk and how to properly manage it and end investment volatility by using physics principles.

Order your books now online at!  If you truly want to gain more income, while taking less risk, contact Eric January, CPA at or 877-CONDUIT.   

Eric January
Eric January
Mr. Eric O. January is CPA, author of the Gainology Book Series, money manager and owner of Conduit Funding and Conduit Investment Advisors, LLC. He has been focused on helping clients get the most from their money and business interests for over a quarter of a century.

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